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Hello my little ASMR tingle’s 😀 Today I’m whispering about my trip to Amsterdam in The Netherlands. I visited allsorts of places like The Van Gogh museum an…

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  1. Nice video relaxing ! Netherlands is very beautiful country. The windmills
    ,the flowers ,the rich museums.

  2. Wow we totally could have met up!! Glad you had such a wonderful time.
    Funny to see familiar things and very tingly video :)

  3. Oh this is blissful, and those SHOES, man- I LOVE those shoes!

  4. beat vids on the tubes till you started clakkng your damn toung…
    completely destroyed the experience…. back to the bong i go now… 

  5. Klimt is my favourite artist =) 

  6. I love your voice!! Great vid

  7. AAmazing…..your are a wonderful painter, how cool to receive these as a
    gift. Well done! Your video wasn’t bad either! LOL!

  8. Oh my gee, those shoes! You rule. Another great video. Swoon!

  9. It’s so funny to see al those tickets and stuff from Amsterdam, haha! =D
    Just because I come there regularly (mostly for concerts though). Glad to
    hear that you liked Amsterdam. Personally I don’t really like the city,
    because it’s sooooo fixated on the tourist that, in my opinion, it looses
    the beauty of the city itself. If tourist would ask me where they should go
    if they visit the Netherlands, Amsterdam probably would not be the first
    thing that I would recommend. But the most important thing is that you had
    fun! =). And I LOVE what you did with the shoe, very beautiful.

  10. · Edit

    Hahaa I’m Dutch, I love it in Amsterdam. Great video, very relaxing

  11. She is gonna smother you w/ kisses for those fantastic shoes! What a sweet
    bf you are! I would buy shoes like that- You’d make a bazillion! 🙂 You did
    an amazing job on them. So envious of your trip. I’ve always wanted to go.
    **sigh**.. someday, maybe? Glad you two had a good time. Great video,
    thanks a bunch! :)

  12. love your artwork. great gesture to Van Gogh! and also you have a very
    relaxing voice.

  13. I am from Russia. I like your video

  14. Great vid man

  15. Amazing job on the painting of the shoes. Well done so far. A very nice
    video indeed..thank you

  16. New video!! YAY! 😀
    Glad you had fun on your trip &awesome work on the those shoes
    -she’ll love them indeed.

  17. maraca tapping/scratching! :p

  18. Loved it! Thank you ^_^

  19. Oh I actually live here in The Netherlands xD
    Good to hear that you had a great time 😀 Amsterdam is such an amazing
    place and it has indeed more than just coffeeshops and the red light
    district! Love this video btw *-* 

  20. Great to have you back! Amsterdam looks like a beautiful city. I hope it
    gave you plenty of inspiration. I was surprised to learn that impressionism
    is your favourite genre of art; with all those “lines in the sandtray”
    video, I thought Jackson Pollock was your cup of tea. For me, one of your
    best non whisper videos was the sea shell and glass videos. Hopefully that
    will give you some ideas

  21. The shoes look great, and are a great idea.

    Love your whisper voice…so relaxing. Thanks for sharing your trip
    experience. Having read The Diary of Anne Frank I imagine touring that
    house was very sobering.

    Thank you again for sharing, and for making the video.

  22. Yay for my home country! This is so relaxing, many tingles!


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