Amsterdam: Red Lights & Weed? – Amsterdam Video

We travel to Amsterdam to hang out with Kelvin and Peter from Cinemates and our good friend Wijnand Boon – a legendary Dutch traveler who walked for three years from Amsterdam to Istanbul via…

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    Love that guys ! Makes me wanna go back to Amsterdam

  2. Thanks for sharing this awesome video with us! The Netherlands is my home
    country yet I now live in the USA so it’s nice to see it all again through
    well-made video! I miss poffertjes so much… :p Keep up the awesome work,
    and I can’t wait to see what’s next! :)

  3. Amsterdam looks awesome ! And the country side too, all that water, it’s
    really peaceful.

  4. Awesome video! You guys portrayed Amsterdam beautifully! 

  5. come to Huizen it’s my place and in earlier years cheese was very important
    here you should check it out

  6. pleasee do a meet and greet next time you are here and maby some fans
    (including me) can show you around 

  7. Lovely – so many aspects covered in such a short time. Travel-Infotainment!

  8. Next time you visit Amsterdam, you should visit the’zuiderzeemueum’. It’s a
    museum about the history of the netherlands fightning against the water.
    You’ll see the traditional dutch towns and traditionals too. It’s located
    nothern of Amsterdam. Cool video btw :)

  9. NEW VIDEO: Amsterdam with +Cinemates & +Twalkwithme

  10. You should come to Friesland, it the most beautiful part of the
    Netherlands, because it has it’s own culture and language. 

  11. Well done. Most of my videos take place in Amsterdam. You guys did it
    justice. Cinemates are doing great work too.

    Next time maybe check out some of the modern architecture popping up
    throughout the city.

    Happy travels. 

  12. Awesome video guys! Cheers!

  13. I fucking love this city 😀 can’t wait to return :D


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