EXTREME WET WEATHER | Heavy Aircraft Landing & Taking off during Melbourne’s SUPER STORMS – Amsterdam Video

published: 2017-12-02 13:14:45

Featuring: A330s, A380s, B747s, B767s, B777s & B787s!

For the last couple of days, the whole of Victoria has been hit with some nasty storms. With emergency SMS’s going around, floodings and even fatal injuries being inflicted by lightning strikes. Experts have deemed this massive that is still hovering around us as a “super storm” and aren’t expecting the weather to improve until after the weekend.

Featured in this film are some of the various morning heavy aircraft tackling the tricky conditions onto runway 16 earlier this morning (Saturday the second of December 2016). Within the first few clips, you’re able to hear the thunder of one of the storms that had just passed. From there on, it rained for hours without stopping.

This morning saw a few interesting movements. The main one being Qantas Freight’s sole 767 arriving from Tokyo and also Hainan Airlines A330-300 which temporarily replaced the regular A330-200.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy these heavy aircraft tacking the 2017 Melbourne super storm!



00:00 | QF36 | Qantas Airbus A330-200 Landing from Singapore, Changi
01:48 | EK409 | Emirates Boeing 777-300ER Takeoff to Dubai
02:53 | QF30 | Qantas Airbus A330-300 Landing from Hong Kong
04:28 | BI54 | Royal Brunei Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner Landing from Bandar Seri Begawan
05:14 | HU7901 | Hanian Airlines Airbus A330-300 Landing from Xi’an
05:52 | QF7538 | Qantas Freight Boeing 767-300F Landing from Tokyo
06:30 | GA719 | Garuda Indonesia Airbus A330-300 Landing from Denpasar
07:19 | SQ227 | Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Landing Singapore
08:33 | EK406 | Emirates Airbus A380-800 Landing from Dubai
09:11 | AI308 | Air India Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner Landing from New Delhi
09:49 | QF7539 | Qantas Freight Boeing 767-300F Takeoff to Sydney
10:12 | VA87 | Virgin Australia Airbus A330-200 Landing from Hong Kong
10:35 | VA24 | Virgin Australia Boeing 777-300ER Landing from Los Angeles
11:02 | SQ7296 | Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400F Takeoff to Auckland



Airport: Melbourne Airport Tullamarine [YMML / MEL]
Country: Australia

Spotting Locations:
Operations Road
Sunbury Road
Uniting Lane
Mansfield Road



Camera: Panasonic HC VXF995
External Mic: Rode VideoMic Pro + Deadcat
Editing Software: Adobe Premier Pro CC
Tripod: Libec LX7 Tripod System



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  1. Great spotting video! Nice camera work! Liked

  2. What beautiful weather to kickstart summer, one would think it was the middle of winter.
    Super camerawork mate, that was a great compilation of heavies, especially Qantas Freight B767 …Big Like 👍 and stay safe from 🌩

  3. Strewth mate sounds awful hope things have improved

  4. Astonishing work as usual mate! How did you keep yourself dry and have super smooth footage at the same time? You're a legend.
    Deserving of 1 mil likes for this video. Liked!

  5. Those catches are amazing! Liked!

  6. This was absolutely incredible to watch! Shows how much of a die-hard spotter you are, spotting in this weather! Liked a huge ton 🙂

  7. Hope your camera survived this challenging day ;), but therefore you captured some absolutely stunning movements during this bad weather – thumbs up for this great work!

  8. Huge thanks for enduring the weather to record this great video's. Just Superb!

  9. Couldn't find any appropriate word to express the greatness of this video! Really enjoyed each scene. Next time I hesitate to film in a bad weather, I'm certain I will remember this super passionate work of art to make me go to the airport. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  10. Now that’s what I call Wet ‘n’ Wild!

  11. Epic compilation mate!! Awesome filming and really loved all the locations featured!! You chose an a great time to go and this really shows how dedicated you are which is really awesome!! Massive like!!

  12. The storming weather really doesn't make a difference it makes it look better in a way! Amazing video mate as usual!

  13. Very nice video during the rainy weather! Very smooth camera work! Absolutely perfect! Liked!

  14. A wet day at the office, but absolutely awesome camera work. I don't know who gets more enjoyment, you or your subscribers. Loved the Emirates 777, and then to see their A380 land in the haze was amazing. Cheers mate, & thank you !!

  15. Impressive footage in these dramatic conditions, nicely done! Been busy myself these last couple of days 😉

  16. Great vid mate I don’t know someone who would plane spot in Heavy Rain but you

  17. Awesome work! The footage came out great despite challenging conditions! Also a big fan of the new spot you've found!!!

  18. Love the moodiness of the video. Poor weather and visibility adds a certain other worldliness to the images. The Emirates A380 landing in low vis conditions was really cool.
    Also, inquiring minds want to know – How do you manage to keep you and the camera, dry? I've done a bit of the foul weather photoing at LAX, but have to make a dash back to the car, if the moisture gets to be a bit much. Filming in foggy conditions, one is less likely to come in wet.
    Really liked the SAL 777 turning off the active. I gather all runways were an active in the filming?
    Cheers on your continuous great filming.

  19. Credit to the pilots,
    The skill required to bring 300 odd people to safety is extreme.
    Standing ovation

  20. amazing i like the wet spray when they land great video

  21. That is one stunning video there bud! I love this location, it's fabulous for all types of mouvements! I sure was super stormy! Liked for sure and have a nice sunday

  22. Wow, what a fantastic spotting compilation! Huge Like 🙂

  23. Sorry that we sent the rain from SA

  24. Marvellous work mate! It takes more than passion to spot under wet,windy and stormy weather conditions! Well done! Massive Like from me! 🙂

  25. Never thought someone would've veen out this weekend except to see the Air Canada! You did great mate! Lucky you have a 4WD!

  26. Perfect catches Matt.These weather conditions aren't the best for filming but you made an excellent video again my friend.

  27. Great work. Did the camera survive?

  28. الصورة للاسف ليست حقيقية


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