Cambodia Nightlife – Hostess Bars & Girls – Amsterdam Video

published: 2018-08-15 14:00:08

Cambodia Nightlife – Hostess Bars & Girls [Vlog 260]

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A VLOG of an evening drinking around the bars of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This is the first of 2 parts…

The parts of this video include:

0:04 Intro, views of the riverside and the Sun & Moon hotel
2:05 Heading out for the night
2:33 Walking down 136 street to the riverside
4:34 A quick look around the riverfront
6:54 Oskar Bistro, slightly upscale food and drinks
9:02 Map of the location
9:27 Mototaxi to Sharky’s live music bar
10:42 Sharky’s was closed, onwards to street 51
12:50 Beers at Shanghai and Plan B bars
14:40 The site of the old Walkabout bar that closed in 2016
15:01 Mototaxi to 104 street
17:17 Map of the journey and how long it would have taken to walk
17:23 Oscar live music bar, a chat and a drink with a nice Cambodian lady who told me the story of her German ex-boyfriend…
28:23 Some guys smoking the green stuff showed up and stank the balcony out
28:42 Changing bars
29:41 Mototaxi to 136 street
31:24 Outro

Additional comments:

$1 moto taxi rides.

I went everywhere via tuk tuk or moto taxi and never paid more than $1 for a trip. Sometimes the tuk tuks on the riverfront will insist on $2 for a short journey.

Phnom Penh is not a place to wander around alone late at night, even around the tourist areas. Cambodia is a much poorer country than Thailand, and reports of incidents against tourists/expats often are suppressed in the news.

Street 136

Some ladies in the Phnom Penh hostess bars are only there for lady drinks, particularly the prettier ladies under 25 years old. It’s best to know the score before you start buying them loads of drinks. Other times some girls will only go with Asian customers (eg. Korean, Japanese).

I heard a story about a Phnom Penh hostess bar where a Western guy bought a nice hostess 5 lady drinks, but in the end she wouldn’t go to his hotel as she was only a drinks girl. He was really pissed off and was telling everyone about it…

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  1. all the girls have either been recruited or run to shianoukville 20 chinese casinos have been built in last 6 monthes and they have bought 20 miles of that coastline to develop they are trying to make it the 2nd macau , and ofc the girls would run there to serve asian businessmen connected to the mafia ( big money for the girls)

  2. Love You Bangkok 112. Please Keep More Of Your Great Videos Coming.

  3. Another great vlog installment – job well done! Great insight out 'n about in Cambode!

  4. My boys back in PP!!!
    With another amazing music selection!!! ?Love it!!

  5. I wish I could go to all these places and you were my personal tour guide. I'm stuck in Chicago just trying to survive the day!

  6. Excellent example of how to live your life the way you want to. I can definitely see some benefits to checking out Cambodia the next time I go out that way. Thanks for this video.

  7. To hell with those pesky traffic lights in Cambodia, I say!!???

  8. Nice! I hope to make it to Cambodia early next year! Thanks

  9. Holy Moly! $13 bucks! I can get a large 2 topping pizza and a 2 liter at Dominoes for less than $10 bucks in the US.

  10. The brakes on the mototaxi or lack thereof lol! No wonder he ran the red^^

  11. Cucksertives here trying hard to have no regulations here in the states. They must feel inspired.

  12. Nice vlogs oohh you find date now yeahhh

  13. Nice conversation with a nice woman

  14. The dude said theyre doing renovations on that sharky place and thats why theyre closed.

  15. I think you said "Angry Girls" @31:20 but not sure, you had a few in ya. "Angry Birds" is the bar on 130, right? haha.

  16. 'Third world countries often have third world regulations…' Hmm… wasn't aware that Australia was a third world country….

  17. I like girl in Cambodia best girl sex in KTV karaoke ?….

  18. Always great videos Bangkok 112. Very good work.

  19. lol. Sadly many Oriental woman have those bow legs like in 3:05 hostess walking. lol. At 8:28 for sure hers were tea not the kunt ! lol. Holy shit 15:57 I mean going through red light like a blind man is crazy. 16:18 I would shit my pants. I mean just 1 car going and obeying the rules and laws as you drive and then bang cause the idiot was colour blind. Talk about dangerous or crazy ! I guess in those most populous countries who cares of a human life anymore ? Also poor too cause no money to inforce the laws and regulations. Nice chat but barely can make out what she saying with that thick accent. Well beer vs booze ? Weed never killed anybody but booze ? Let's not get in to it. lol. 29:35 you see the chick in the black high hill and bow legs ? To me it's turn off. Was pretty in pink. lol. Yeah those opportunistic thieves is the main reason not to travel a lone. At least go with a friend. Yeah till next time !

  20. The hostess seemed honest and very nice. Excellent.

  21. Does anybody knows the name of the song at the begining please ????

  22. Indeed, the hostess deserved every drink you bought her – and perhaps Long Time action for the evening??? teehee

  23. I haven't finished watching this video, but so far, I haven't seen one person wearing a crash helmet. Just like Thailand, and probably most of South-East Asia!

  24. I'm visiting Vietnam in November but staying at vung tau, I don't think its like any of the places in your videos but I am looking to visit HCMC.

  25. do you always pay in dollars ?


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