Best weed in best coffeeshops Amsterdam – Amsterdam Genetics City Selections – Amsterdam Video

published: 2018-09-12 11:59:22

* This video is for informational purposes only

Welcome to City Selections by Amsterdam Genetics in the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam

We selected our Top 5 weed for you in Amsterdam Coffeeshops

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  1. I will be there in 13 days!!!! I will try them all.

  2. just like f moor below me, im going soon and will be trying them all lol
    and the white chocoblock hash

  3. those buds look pretty terrible, grey areas offering appears untrimmed . that #5 'true blue colour' doesnt appear to have a hint of blue even in the leaves, just green coloured. Amsterdam weed has gone so far down hill , it's just guilable tourists who don't know good cannabis is . Give me some good homegrown any day of the week over this commercialy produced shite.

  4. I love how you can just walk in to these places and they give you weed for free, Nice 😀

  5. we got these shops in the uk now just search. new shop in town #portmouth

  6. Amsterdam genetics plz breed low thc high cbd weed then you can legally send it to the whole of Europe. plz check out. hempelf. or cbdnol or or thcfreeweed or thebrainboxshop the list goes on

  7. we all love Dutch weed and hash

  8. best weed is kosher kush from coffeeshop easytimes


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