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Proitzer Muhle
South of Hamburg

These 85 photos are an attempt to fill in some of the blanks over the last few years.
They cover parts of Germany, California, my time on the bus, Brussels, Amsterdam, and my early days on the east coast in no particular order.
Some are photojournalistic, some are impressionistic focused on my time alone on the road, and others are pictures of my cat.
The only thing really tying these together is that they were all 1) taken by me and 2) within about a 5 year time span.
The Photos have been pulled from various groups I have had lying around the last few years including a half dozen rolls of film I never got developed and a few CDs I thought were lost to the road (though I am still missing several CDs from my first German trip which I still kick myself for being so lax in making backups).
They are in a variety of formats and, for the most part, have had no post production work.
I still have an interest in possibly producing a small show of my work from these 5 years, maybe this is finally a step in that direction.

Blame nostalgia for this.

Image published by kejoli on 2013-06-08 19:02:52 and used under Creative Commons license.


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