*** Live Streaming * AMSTERDAM HOLLAND * 3 Dark Orbs – Amsterdam Video

published: 2019-04-15 06:19:24

Discovering Evidence of Planet X Today and Nibiru Tonight, Live Update from :

What to Expect? Planet X today, Raw Footage Caught on Camera, Nibiru tonight, Nemesis aka’ Brown Dwarf Star or Some Call “Stella Cores. Watching for Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars According to Revelation “Wormwood” and last day prophecies. and Recording our findings. Aliens, falling angels, and Cloudships, as well as UFO type Objects in the Northern Skies.

We Issue Warnings when the need is warranted. Many of our fantastic Captures Are Shared by Subscribers like yourself, we are a community of like-minded folks. So pull up a pc and let’s get exploring these Last Days End Time Skies.
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Our Mission:

We Simply are sharing the Love of God and a very nontraditional presentation. ” a new form”. We find “Signs, Simply any Signs in the skies we show it. By doing so we have a simple quick Opportunity to Sow a word of “Warning and Encouragement within the Same Video.

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By Subscribing to ” C Fernald Channel ” your making yourself accessible to hundreds of hours of RAW footage Containing live Real Time Planet Hunting, Nibiru or Planet X Binary System to Our Sister Sun. Ringing the Bell Notifies the subscriber of an incoming upload of the newest capture on Camera. Don’t Miss our Playlist Collection. Hours of Viewing. Enjoy
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Beautiful Cinematic Music – Beyond (Royalty Free)

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